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At linkitup, we enjoy talking about Blockchain technology. Being based out of Omaha, Nebraska puts us in a unique situation. That unique situation is that we are likely the only company of our kind in our state and one of a few in the Midwest. Therefore, it is our job to get the word out about this wonderful technology. We love talking with our clients and helping them grow in understanding of Blockchain and the services that are developed because of it. Don Johnson, Founder and CEO of linkitup, has developed linkitup’s first service named CelebArt. You can read more about this great service below.

Featured Project

CelebArt NFT Marketplace

Our Services

linkitup is a Blockchain services and consultant company whom specializes in cryptocurrency token creation, NFT marketplace development, and smart contract development.

NFT Marketplace Development

linkitup's NFT marketplace development team will build and develop a marketplace for your company that fits your needs.
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Token Creation

We can create cryptocurrency tokens for your business or brand.
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Smart Contracts

Smart contracts are being developed for use in many different fields. Click the little blue button to learn more.
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