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linkitup is a Blockchain services and consultant company whom specializes in cryptocurrency creation, smart contracts, and private Blockchains for companies and organizations.

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Smart Contract

A smart contract is a computer program code that can facilitate, execute, and enforce negotiating an agreement utilizing Blockchain technology. When a smart contract is published on the public ledger of the Blockchain, the parties involved are anonymous. Smart contracts are fully automated. No one can change a smart contract once it is executed which gives it the ability to act as a legal contract between parties. Smart contracts are great for digital identity, cross border payments, high securities, loans & mortgages, supply chain management, insurance documents, financial data recording, record storage, and escrow.

Token Creation

A cryptocurrency token is an asset issued by way of a smart contract on a blockchain, such as Binance Smart Chain (BSC), Polygon, Ethereum, etc. Tokens can be used for products or services a company provides, as a vote to determine how a project should proceed, for gaming purposes, to serving as actual shares in a project itself.

There are several types of tokens available today and most are derived from the ERC-2o token. We would be happy to talk with you about creating a token for your brand, project, or business.

To get started, click on Matrix Token Agency to learn more.

See Note below.

Private Blockchain

A private Blockchain is the opposite of public Blockchain. It is more of a distributed ledger or database with cryptography meaning the owner  of the private Blockchain (single entity or enterprise) can override/delete commands on it. It may not be decentralized but it is highly secure thanks to cryptography. The owner of the network can control who is able to record information and to whom the recorded information is visible. This type of Blockchain is a great fit for companies who want to keep their information secure within their network.

Note: linkitup is not a financial consultant nor advisor. Speak with your financial advisor before contacting us with interest in creating a cryptocurrency token. There are no financial guarantees of increase or success in creating a cryptocurrency token. linkitup will not promote nor condone the pre-selling of cryptocurrency tokens in the following countries: The United States of America, Afghanistan, Belarus, Burundi, British Virgin Islands, Central African Republic, Congo, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Iran, Zimbabwe, Yemen, Venezuela, Iraq, Libya, Lebanon, China, Serbia, and Somalia.

Can I trust you?

In our society we rely heavily on third party entities (attorneys, escrow companies, collection agencies) to witness or approve legal-binding documents and forms concerning finances, digital assets, and intellectual property. Trust and confidentiality should never be broken; yet,  at times, third party entities have cost businesses and organizations millions of dollars or their business altogether due to a breakdown in trust. Blockchain technology assist or, in some instances due to smart contracts, eliminates third party entities and allows parties to settle or transfer data between themselves with no breakdown in trust.


Industries We Service

Financial Technology

Payments & Transactions

Smart contract technology is revolutionizing how transactions are handled by businesses and organizations around the world. The reason financial institutions are attracted to the Blockchain industry is the relatively cheap costs for transactions worldwide, the speed in which it completes a transaction to combat highly volatile markets, and digital security.

Smart contracts eliminate costly middlemen and provide the trust companies depend on when doing business with another company. Smart contracts can replace legal-binding forms, vouchers, and be used to create better reward programs.

Real Estate

Purchase & Sales

Blockchain and smart contracts are changing the real estate industry in a big way. Leasing, purchase, and sales transactions can now be done on the Blockchain via smart contracts eliminating the need for costly intermediaries. Seller and buyer can complete a transaction thanks to a well coded smart contract. Increased security and transparency will also add to the benefits of conducting real estate transactions on the Blockchain. Sellers save thousands of dollars in commercial real estate using smart contracts.

Real estate companies can now buy property around the world in a safer and cost efficient way because of the use of smart contracts. Owners can enter into deals with real estate investors more safely knowing trust is not an issue because of the smart contract.


Information Technology

Blockchain More Secure Than Network Systems

Blockchain services move data more securely and reliably than any other network system. Blockchain stores its data on a public ledger that is virtually tamper proof because there is no administrator/root user/owner. No one is able to change the data therefore Trust-of-a-Person (ToaP) is not an issue. Using a consensus-based algorithm, multiple nodes maintain an all Blockchain-based ledger. Mediators are not needed to verify transactions due to smart contracts.

Although the Blockchain is an openly distributed ledger, the data within it is kept secured due to cryptography. When you use Hyperledger Fabric Blockchain in conjunction with Blockchain you can get even more security and confidential features.

Travel Industry

Bookings & Loyalty Rewards

Blockchain technology has already made an impact in the highly competitive travel industry by resolving common challenges faced by companies within the industries. Those challenges are bookings for air fare, hotels, resorts, and cruises. Gatekeepers have been charging hefty fees and surcharges without much competition. That is, until Blockchain technology was introduced into the industry using smart contracts and DApps to cut or eliminate those fees altogether. Smart contracts are fairly new to the industry but as more and more companies adopt it to cut costs and streamline their processes, customers will see prices come down for travel. Loyalty reward programs will benefit the industry by way of cryptocurrency because of the low cost and security Blockchain technology offers. Want to know how we can help you take advantage of this technology? Give us a call and let us show you.

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